High Temps Continuing to Put Strain on Kenai Water System

The warm temperatures are expected to continue stick around, even getting warmer over this weekend. Officials with the City of Kenai are asking residents of the city who are connected to the city’s water system to conserve water for emergencies. We spoke to Kenai City Manager Rick Koch who said that part of this request, is tied to the ongoing upgrades to the city’s water system…


Koch: “We find ourselves in a position that we don’t have the capacity to generate enough water to meet the demand. And we had hoped that problem would have been solved by this year, but it took a fair amount of time for us to get plan approval from DEC to tie in our new high-production well. And the contractor is working on that. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to happen soon enough to have a positive effect on this year.”


Koch told us that this is a short-term issue, which should not re-occur anytime in the near future. As part of the overall upgrade to the City’s public water system, the City will be connecting a new high-production well to the Water Treatment Facility. That project is scheduled for completion later this summer.  After it the upgrade is complete, the City expects to have adequate capacity for the next 30 years.

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