High School Tracks Running Ahead

As school winds down for the year, students and teachers at Kenai and Soldotna High Schools can prepare for some changes to the athletic scenery. KCHS’ new track is well under construction, and part of the new state capital budget – signed yesterday – includes funds for the Soldotna High track. SoHi Principal Todd Syverson…


Syverson: “What we’re hoping for, right now, Soldotna High School is hoping to put in a new track and turf field at Soldotna High School for two reasons: one, for our athletes to have a safe place, especially for our soccer teams in the spring, when there’s snow and ice, the turf fields are much safer. And our track was built in 1980 and we have not hosted a track meet in about 15 years, so we would like to start hosting track meets there again. And eventually our goal, along with having a great facility for our students  is to be able to put in bids with the Alaska Activities Association to host state events.”


At last night’s meeting of the Borough Assembly, Vice President Hal Smalley congratulated KCHS Boys and Girls Track and Field teams for winning the Track and Field Championships…


Asm. Smalley (Kenai): “these are sweet victories. They really are. And over the years, there have been just tremendous athletes that have come out of all of our high schools, but in particular, the red, white, and black has done very well over the years. And they’re getting a brand new track, so there will be some champions in the future there.”

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