Heroin And Other Drugs Still A Problem Around Kenai

If you’ve lived in Kenai for any extended amount of time, it should be no surprise to you that illegal drugs are here, and there are plenty of users.


We spoke with Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl about what drugs are being seen the most, around Kenai.


Sandahl: “We’re still seeing a prevalent heroin problem, and when I see prevalent, its still a small percentage of the population that is choosing to abuse illicit drugs or even legal drugs through prescription. So the three biggest drugs that are being abused in Kenai and probably the Central Peninsula as a whole, would be heroin, methamphetamine and prescription drugs.”


Officer Sandahl went on to explain how one would recognize a drug buy, in a public place.



Sandahl: “If you saw a vehicle parked in a public place, someone just waiting, you saw them pull up you didn’t see them walk inside at all and then you saw another vehicle pull up and you saw a quick exchange window to window, how often are you doing that? How often are everyday citizens doing that in a parking lot? Of course there are times that people are exchanging things for legal reasons but there are also plenty of times that people are doing a quick exchange for drugs and or money, we do get those tips.”




If you see activity such as this or want to give an anonymous tip of a drug deal you are urged to contact police immediately.

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