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A State Disaster Assistance meeting will be held tonight in Anchor Point for anyone who has damage from recent Peninsula-wide flooding. Jeremy Zidek from the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management gave the following details…



Zidek: “There’ll be a community meeting tonight at the Chapman school in Anchor Point. That meeting kicks off at 7 o’clock. There’ll be people from the Borough and the State to talk about disaster recovery options.”


The meeting is suitable for anyone who had damage to their primary residence that was a direct result of the storm. At the meeting, information will be given about state relief programs and how to best contact the state. Zidek said that the easiest way to get the paperwork taken care of is to visit one of the state disaster assistance centers.



Zidek: ” One will be in Anchor Point at the Anchor Point Fire Department. That will be October 15th through 16th. One in Seward at the Legends building October 15th through the 17th, and then there’ll be one at the Kenai Peninsula Emergency Response Center on October 18th.”


You can also call them on 1-855-445-7131. Applications must be in by November 20, 2012.


Zidek encouraged people to come, talk through their damages, and bring documentation and photographs of how their properties were affected.


Meanwhile, the State will be working with FEMA this weekend, to determine if federal assistance is needed.

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