Help Delayed for K-Beach Flooding

The State’s Individual Assistance Program for victims of K-Beach flooding has been delayed a little, though Jeremy Zidek with the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said the launch (which was fist set for next week) was never set in stone…


Zidek: “The dates for our Individual Assistance implementation are still tentative, but we plan to open the hotline on December 7th and online registration on December 7th, and then the Disaster Assistance Center on December 8th. The reason that we have established those dates is because we need enough support to handle the amount of applications, fill out and do the¬†verifications, make sure that we have people on those phone lines to answer questions, and if there’s any problems with the online registration that we have staff to address that.”


Zidek explained they’re trying to address multiple disasters in the state at the moment. He also confirmed that this assistance is only for private property owners, and landlords of rental properties don’t qualify for the Individual Assistance Program.

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