HEA’s New Lines Won’t Interfere with Spur Expansion

Homer Electric Association crews spent a lot of time along the Kenai Spur last fall, upgrading their transmission lines from Nikiski to Soldotna.


Joe Gallagher with HEA said the line went from a 69kb to a 115,000 volt line, requiring new lines and poles, but shouldn’t interfere with a future expansion of the road…


Gallagher: “We have been working with Department of Transportation in conjunction with project, because there is a project underway – as I understand it – from DOT where the road would be expanded at some point to a four-lane highway. So, knowing that, we wanted to work with DOT, make sure that our project did not interfere with that project or make for problems down in the future. So, at this point, there is a couple places where we put in specialized poles that do not need guy wires and they will not infringe onto the property that DOT may need for that expansion.”


Given that the Spur funding came in lower than expected, there has been some debate as to whether the road will be expanded to four lanes or not, but Gallagher said they’re preparing for every scenario.


A public meeting will be held on the DOT’s Spur upgrades on January 14.

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