Healthy Futures Challenge Reaches 149 Schools

A record number of Alaskan schools are participating in the Healthy Futures Challenge, run by the AK Department of Health and Social Services. 149 schools, including eight from the local district, have been participating in the three-month ‘Play Every Day’ challenge.   1st Grade Teacher Emily Mayberry oversees the program at Nikiski North Star…


Mayberry: “It’s just accountability, and a lot of it is the parent support, because I know half the sheets that get turned in wouldn’t be turned in if the parents weren’t keeping track or helping the students keep track of their activity and then reminding them to constantly write it down. And looking back over a month, it can be really impressive with how active a student is, especially with the cold weather and how the daylight is just now coming out.”


Mayberry said she was surprised to see how active students are, especially during the winter…


Mayberry: “A lot of it can just be family time. So, on a lot of the sheets they have sledding or ice skating or just building snowmen outside, but for group and team sports, it can be a lot of skating and wrestling, even cross country, those kind of things.”   This is just the first month students have turned in their logs, and Mayberry said she expects more students to sign up as they see their peers collecting prizes.   For more visit Healthy Futures.

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