Healthcare Coming Oct 1

Healthcare may soon be getting relatively cheaper, but according to a recent study, it’s still likely to stretch those who’ve never paid for coverage. The data has just been published by Avalere, a private company specializing in healthcare strategy analysis.


Avalere says the costs before government tax credits will be…


-About $270 a month for a 21-year-old buying a mid-range policy

-About  $330 for a 40-year-old buying a mid-range policy

-About $615 a month for a 60-year-old buying a mid-range policy


Avalere’s study centered on rates for those living in Washington D.C. and didn’t take Alaska-specific factors into consideration, but the company says the figures should be fairly close to what states will face as the ACA is implemented.


Enrollment for the policies will be opened in just two weeks as the new online insurance marketplaces are opened statewide. The fines for non-compliance will begin January 1, at which time insurance companies will no longer be able to turn away people with pre-existing conditions.


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