Health Insurance Marketplace Stumbles Out of the Gate

The new Health Insurance Marketplace website is now online, despite some early technical difficulties.


The Marketplace website – – went live this morning with October 1 the opening day for enrollment in Obamacare.


However, at 6am, Alaskans wanting to enroll for an account were met with an error screen, explaining that the system was down and technicians were working to resolve the issues.


Doug Brown of Brown Agency predicted the glitches…


Brown: “We expect a great deal of confusion in the next couple of weeks, just due to the newness of this, and at this point there will be a lot of ability to access the exchange either directly or through some of the other local resources. We, as an insurance agency, hope that we are one of those resources, but at this point in time we are not able to get ourselves onto the exchange, and I don’t expect us to have that ability for two to four weeks. Not just us, it’s probably all of the insurance brokers out there are experiencing similar difficulties.” 


The deadline to sign up is December 15.

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