HEA Taps Unused Energy, Leaves Room for Agrium

Homer Electric Association’s brand new power plant in Nikiski is now making use of excess steam which was once sold to Agrium.


HEA’s General Manager Brad Janorschke explained to the Kenai Chamber of Commerce yesterday…


Janorschke: “When Agrium closed down, of course, we were disappointed as much as everybody else in the community, particularly the loss of jobs and, quite frankly, a lot of good folks that were associated with that facility. What we did is when we developed our New Generation plan, one of the things we took into account was our existing combustion turbine out there that was supplying heat for Agrium’s processes, and we decided that with Agrium shut down, we still wanted to use that heat in that existing facility, so we added a steam turbine to really make that plant much more efficient come 2014, when our current contract with Chugach Electric expires.”


The Nikiski plant is currently online, selling power to Fairbanks until the Chugach contract expires in a few months. But we asked Janorschke if the loss of easy steam power might prove a stumbling block for Agrium as they consider reopening the facility…


Janorschke: “We certainly could bring them back online, try to establish how we could provide the same services as we have done historically, and quite frankly we’re pretty excited about that opportunity. We wish them well and anything we can do to assist them, we are more than happy to do so.”

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