HEA Set for Independent Power Jan 1

Homer Electric Association is set to cut ties with Anchorage power suppliers in just a few months. HEA’s Joe Gallagher…


Gallagher: “January 1st of 2014, we will be independent from Chugach Electric.”


We reported last week on a rate rise for HEA members on October 1, related to the cost of natural gas. Gallagher said members will still see these quarterly adjustments, but that there are no plans to change the base rate for electricity.


Gallagher: “Costs will be similar. There have been New Generation plants built across the Railbelt, including up in Anchorage, and so we’re building plants on the Kenai Peninsula and we will own those plants, which is a better overall situation for HEA members.”


The project cost is estimated between $100-150 million and adds 20 full-time employees. HEA insists members have already been paying for cost of building and operating equipment in Anchorage.


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