HEA Launches New Interactive “Outage Map”

Winter on the peninsula this year has been a rather eventful one with sub zero temperatures leading into warmer weather causing significant power outages throughout the HEA service area.


Along with a massive overhaul of new power lines Homer Electric Association is implementing an interactive “outage map” to help assist the public in knowing where these outages are and how many people they are affecting.


We spoke with HEA’s Joe Gallagher for more.


Gallagher: “The online outage map will provide good information for our HEA members, its available on our website and it will basically show you the location of the outage, the number of HEA members that are affected by the outage as well and I know that is a question that a lot of people have during an outage so we are hoping this map will add additional information for our members.”


You can find the interactive outage map at Homer Electric Association’s website.

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