HEA Conducting Planned Maintenance Outage in North Kenai Today

HEA users living on Timber Lane and surrounding streets will see a temporary power outage this afternoon, as electric crews perform some maintenance on power lines.


We got details on the planned outage from Joe Gallagher, with Homer Electric Association….


Gallagher: “Timber Lane and a couple of adjacent avenues will be affected. It’s a small outage, about 24 homes will be without power from noon to 4pm on Monday, and we have made automated calls to the folks in the area, and hopefully they will be prepared for this planned maintenance outage.”


Gallagher mentioned the other areas affected…


Gallagher: “Timber Lane is right off of North Miller Loop and other avenues affected would be Forest Lane and Jefferey Avenue and a few folks right on the North Miller Loop section of that¬†neighborhood.”


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