HEA Board Results to be Tallied Tonight

As we reported, the annual HEA membership meeting will be held tonight. The meeting will begin with registration at 4:30 at Kenai Central High School. One portion of the meeting will be the announcement of the results of the HEA board vote. We asked HEA’s Joe Gallagher what role the board plays…


Gallagher: “The Board of Directors is the mechanism in which the membership is represented, and the board makes all the decisions that are part of the cooperative. So any of the financial decisions things of that nature are made by the board of directors. This is a member owned co-op, and the board of directors represent the members of HEA. It’s a very important position; they basically make the decisions that direct the cooperative.”


As we reported, this afternoon HEA crews will also be providing tours of the new Nikiski generation plant beginning at 1:30pm.

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