HCR 1 to Boost Alaskan Agriculture

Posted: March 11, 2013 at 4:30 pm

According to Rep. Bill Stolze (R-Mat-Su), 50 percent of Alaska’s food was once grown in the state; now, it’s down to 5 percent and that needs to change.


Today, Stolze introduced House Concurrent Resolution 1, calling¬†on the Governor to establish a state food resource development working group. That group would bring together state departments to ‘identify resources and set policies to build a strong, sustainable and local healthy food system.’


Stolze said there’s no reason Alaska can’t be producing more food for Alaskans.


The Alaska Division of Agriculture has already been working to increase local food production, offering incentives through the Farm to School and Restaurant Rewards programs.

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One Comment to “HCR 1 to Boost Alaskan Agriculture”

  • ed says:

    If the state is truly suportive of food production then tell the USFS to aiiow the ag. lime up Russian River to be Mined…that lime has 12 of the 16 essential elements for good health. It’s been blocked from being mined for 20 + years and would be produced at less than what is imported from the lower 48 states!!!