HB 77 Meeting Hears Call for Public Input

Last night, State Senator Peter Micciche held the first of two local meetings to address public concern with HB 77…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “Oh I think it was an incredible meeting. Remember why I had this meeting: I came back to this district, most folks were supportive of the Senate Bill 21 stuff, oil tax stuff, not everyone, but had a few emails on Senate Bill 21. I had hundreds of emails against HB 77.”


Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer said he was impressed by the unity he saw at the meeting…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Well I thought it was very interesting that there was unanimous testimony across this entire spectrum of people testifying that the restrictions on Alaskans to be able to participate in the process and to have significant input on things that affect their daily lives is unacceptable and that HB 77 should not be approved as is.”


HB 77 has been passed by the State House, but must still face the Senate.


The meetings continue tonight…


December 10th in Homer with DNR Deputy Commissioner Ed Fogels and ADF&G’s Director of the Division of Habitat, Randy Bates

  • ·         Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitors Center
  • ·         4-5 PM – Presentation by Ed Fogels, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

and Randy Bates, Director of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, Division of Habitat

  • ·         5-6 PM – Invited Stakeholder Panel Discussion
  • ·         6-7 PM – Recorded Public Testimony (2 minutes per participant)
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