HB 77 Meeting Draws A Crowd

As we’ve been reporting, it was standing room only at last Monday night’s meeting to discuss House Bill 77. Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer joined the host Sen. Peter Micciche in hearing the widespread complaint…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Well I thought it was very interesting that there was unanimous testimony across this entire spectrum of people testifying that the restrictions on Alaskans to be able to participate in the process and to have significant input on things that affect their daily lives is unacceptable and that HB 77 should not be approved as is.”


The public comment lasted most of the evening, with participants concerned the DNR will shut public comment out of the permitting process. Environmental educator Dan Pascucci presented his concerns through song…


Pascucci: “Well the song was a kids song, and it was about a serious issue. So I thought that bringing some levity and brevity to the situation,t o remind us all that we’re talking about serious issues, but we don’t have to be so serious about it all the time.”


Sen. Micciche held a second meeting in Homer last night. HB77 already passed the State House and will front the Senate during the next legislative session.

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