Haven’t they done enough damage to our country already?

Looks like the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Washington are at it again!  When will it stop?  Haven’t they done enough damage to our country already?

Obama and the Democrats in Congress are considering tax hikes on energy to pay for two years of deficit spending and proposed billions more spending that Obama outlined in Ohio on Labor Day.

The fact of the matter is that higher taxes on energy mean lost jobs.  In-fact, according to the American Petroleum Industry raising taxes on energy threatens over 43,000 Alaska jobs, and that will make Alaskans feel the crunch right here at home.

Alaska jobs directly provided by the oil and gas industry:   16, 854

Alaska jobs directly or indirectly connected to the oil and gas industry:  43,454

That’s a $5 Billion (with a B) in economic impact right here in our state where we live.

If Obama and the Democrats, like Mark Begich, in Congress go ahead with their plan to implement higher energy taxes, lost jobs are just around the corner.   America’s oil and natural gas industry supports 9.2 million jobs throughout the economy.  And it is common sense knowledge, to the average American on the street, that keeping those jobs is essential to our nations economic recovery.

Our economy is at a crossroads.  Earlier this month, the government reported the lost of another 131,000 more US jobs in July.  That’s on top of nearly 5 million lost jobs since 2008 when Obama and the Democrats took over, their complete, control of congress.  The US unemployment rate remains high, at 9.5% with very little relief in sight.  And remember that many Americans are not counted in that unemployment rate because they are no longer receiving unemployment benefits and not even looking for work anymore because they can not find jobs.

For our economy to recover, America needs jobs.  We will not get them if Obama and the Democrats in Congress continue their plan for new taxes on energy to pay for dramatic increases in government spending.  Some reports suggest taxes on energy could be as high at $80 – 100 billion.

Taxes cost jobs!  Maybe that’s why a recent survey suggest that more than 64% of Americans oppose new taxes on oil and gas.  The American people get it even if Washington doesn’t.

Call Senator Murkowski and Senator Begich and urge them to oppose new increased taxes on oil and gas. Raising taxes on energy will kill jobs across the nation and right here at home in Alaska.

Then, hopefully, in November, Americans can put a stop to Obama and his Democrats by throwing many of them out of office.

Think About It!!      9-8-10

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