Hartman Appointed to Temp Soldotna Council Seat

During last night’s meeting, the Soldotna City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Brenda Hartman back to the council to fill the vacancy left when she’d submitted her resignation effective July 25th.

Hartman had told us that she gave her resignation at that time so the remaining year of her term could be put to a vote of the people. Hartman said that she did not resign until the end of September the remaining year would just be an appointment rather than letting people vote.

The City Clerk’s office accepted applications for those looking to temporally fill the seat until the October municipal election. Hartman was the sole applicant to fill the seat, and was given the oath of office once again last night.

Later in the meeting, the council voted on a resolution to accept Mayor Anderson’s nomination for the office of Vice-Mayor of the City of Soldotna. Anderson had nominated Hartman to serve in that capacity, again, though her departure at the end of September.

The council approved Anderson’s nomination unanimously as well.

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