Halloween Activities Ramping Up

Local houses and businesses ¬†have been decorated for Halloween, along with schools and colleges. Kenai Peninsula College’s Suzie Kendrick says they go to extra lengths…


Kendrick: “Halloween at the Kenai River Campus in Soldotna has become quite a tradition, the student union every year hosts the public to come on campus and bring their trick or treaters, they have maps at the door that they meet the trick or treaters with and the maps will tell them where they can go around the college and do their trick or treating. The student union they sponsor a decorating contest with the various departments around the college and also a student costume contest.”


Kendrick said local families are encouraged to bring their children trick or treating at KPC.


In Anchorage, a dentist is continuing his annual candy buyback, paying children for every pound of candy they turn in, but local dentists say candy in moderation is just fine, just be sure not to eat it all in one night.

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