Haeg to Appear in Court of Appeals Tuesday

David Haeg will appear in what may be a final appeal in regards to his aerial wolf hunting case Tuesday, May 20, at 1:30 in Anchorage.


Haeg explained why he keeps working on the case.


Haeg: “And some people are like why do you keep going, well as its gone on more and more evidence has surfaced that proves there’s something disturbing going on and then the court of appeals have changed its makeup, two of the three judges have been replaced and they let in a lot of evidence that they kept out for years and as it goes on the case gets stronger and stronger not weaker and weaker so that’s one reason I keep going.” 


He said he has been working a lot to prepare for Tuesdays final case which may be the last.


Haeg: “Lately though we’ve been just trying to get out the word to have people attend and see what’s going on, we printed some fliers and mailed out I think it was like 44,000 of them in Anchorage a couple days ago and my phone has been ringing off the hook about people wondering what’s going on and asking about what it is.”


Haeg says the State asked him in 2004 to target wolves slightly outside official regulations. The State confiscated his plane and license after the activities were brought to light.

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