Guide Numbers Suffering, Many Not Returning

Guided fishing on the Kenai River is suffering, according to local guide David Goggia. Goggia was formerly the President of the Professional Guides Association, and said he struggled to get enough guides to run the Wounded Warriors event this year…


Goggia: “Business is way off this year from last, and depending on what happens in the second run, it could hurt a lot of people. We’re right at a critical point right now, where it’s hard to justify paying your fees to guide when you don’t have that much business, so this second run’s going to be real crucial as to if guys are going to be able to even continue to guide in the future.”


Goggia said he was personally fortunate to have a general contracting business as well, which he can focus on during uncertain fishery years.


Goggia: “There’s probably room for a few guides that have multiple options, but just the guy that comes up and fishes for a lodge or has his own small business, those days are going away pretty rapidly.”

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