Guide Fined For ‘Gun Smuggling’

Posted: January 24, 2014 at 6:39 am

A 55-year-old Soldotna man spent four days in a Canadian jail for bringing guns into the country. Fishing guide Jeffrey Webster also had to pay $6,000 in fines after he attempted to cross the border with two handguns, three rifles and two replica handguns.


Canadian officials picked Webster up on January 10 near the North Portal crossing. After a search of his vehicle they found the undeclared weapons and he was taken into custody.


On January 13, Webster plead guilty to smuggling under the Customs Act. He was sentenced to four days in jail for time served and issued the fine.


The Canadian Border Service Agency says this was their second “significant” seizure in the province of Saskatchewan that month.

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2 Comments to “Guide Fined For ‘Gun Smuggling’”

  • Steve Wright says:

    1/24/13 The term Dumb & Dumber comes to mind

  • Sara says:

    Or it could have been he was rushing to move his family’s household goods back to Alaska so he could be with his wife, who was hospitalized and beginning emergency cancer treatment. The term “smuggling” is really misleading here. No, it wasn’t smart to bring the guns through and it’s cost them dearly, but there were some pretty extenuating circumstances happening at the time. In lieu of waiting out the legal process, he opted to plead guilty, serve the time and pay the fine to get back to his family.