Great Alaska ShakeOut Today 10:17am

Multiple emergency drills will be held today: the Kenai Airport is having a multi-agency airport crash drill from 3pm-6pm, and at 10:17 this morning students and businesses will be practicing their earthquake response skills.


Jeremy Zidek is with the State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management…


Zidek: “The Great Alaska ShakeOut is a drop, cover, and hold on drill that will take place at 10:17. What we’re asking people is at 10:17 to drop, cover, and hold on. That’s the recommended action to take when there’s violent shaking going on from an earthquake, and it’s the best way that people can protect themselves. Here in the United States, we don’t see a lot of buildings collapse, the real danger is things falling and hitting people. So, dropping to the ground, finding some sturdy cover and holding on is the best way that people can protect themselves.”

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