Governor Signs Business Bills

With a heavy focus on the economy, the Governor yesterday signed a suite of business-minded bills. Bills sponsored by Kenai Peninsula legislators include:


Senate Bill 83, sponsored by Senator Peter Micciche,which adjusts interest payments for contractors, aligning “look back” interest rates with federal rates.  The bill is intended to encourage businesses engaged in long-term contracts and create jobs for Alaskans.


Senator Micciche also sponsored Senate Joint Resolution 3, urging Congress to open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas exploration. The Soldotna Senator said: “Many folks in the lower 48 fail to realize that Alaskans are not asking to develop all of ANWR.   We are asking for the right to contribute to America’s energy security by responsibly developing a miniscule portion of the refuge.”


On the House side, Rep. Kurt Olson sponsored House Bill 57, along with Representative Lindsey Holmes, adopting the Alaska Entity Act. The Representatives say it will reduce unnecessary administrative and legal burdens currently imposed on Alaska companies.

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