Governor Sheffield Speaks on ASAP

Octogenarian Governor Bill Sheffield spoke today in favor of the Alaska Stand Alone Pipeline, telling a joint Chamber of Commerce that there’s no reason to delay when Alaskans already have such great energy needs…


Gov. Sheffield: “We need to pass HB4. It needs to be passed out of the House and onto the Senate, so that they can act on it this year, in this session. HB4 then, if it’s passed, would allow the Alaska Gas Development Corporation to go into open season and start dealing with the majors and getting prepared to build a gas line.”


Governor Sheffield said the pipeline would benefit residents across the state and encourage operations locally at Agrium. We asked him why some, like the city of Valdez, are so adamantly opposed…


Gov. Sheffield: “Their idea of a gas line from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez is just a concept. They have no engineering done, they have no Right-Of-Way permits, nor have they asked. They have no EIS. They’re just a concept out there that they think is best. And it would go to Valdez, be an LNG plant put there, and they would sell gas to Asia, and then they advertise that they’ll get gas to all Alaskans, and that’s just not true.”

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