Governor Says Pot Studies Will Wait Until After the Vote

The State won’t be spending public money on studying the implications of legalized marijuana until after this fall’s vote.


Governor Sean Parnell said he wants to wait until an initiative is passed before he asks public employees to abandon their current projects and spend time preparing for the legalization. He says Alaska will look to Colorado and Washington, both passed similar measures in 2012, to learn about how to handle the legal and financial aspects of a new marijuana laws.


The Governor has stated he is opposed to legalizing marijuana, but will work to change the law if voters approve the initiative in November.


The initiative would allow adults 21 and older to use marijuana recreationally.

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  1. john 8 July, 2014, 22:21

    The governor should work to support the wishes of the people of Alaska.

    Here he says if voters approve legalizing marijuana, he will work to change the law.

    In other words, he will work to deny the intent and interests of those he is supposed to serve.

    That’s enough right there to warrant being voted out of office. We don’t need politicians telling us what we should want, we should have politicians who support our interests.

    If the people vote to legalize marijuana, whoever is governor should work to protect the interests of the citizens he is supposed to serve.

    Vote out Parnell, he nothing but a corporate shill.

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