Governor Says No Medicaid Expansion, For Now

Today, Governor Sean Parnell announced he won’t be asking the state legislature to fund Medicaid expansion for Alaska… at least for now.


Rick Davis, CEO of Central Peninsula Hospital said he doesn’t think today’s announcement is the Governor’s final decision.


Davis: “The Governor actually has until the end of this year to make a decision on whether or not he allows Alaska to opt-into the Medicaid expansion program. He has until the end of the year to make his decision and still get us the full funding for the first year, so I think he probably’s going to take his time and do a good job of studying the pros and cons and I think he probably won’t ¬†make a decision for a while, but again, he has until the end of the year to do that.”


Davis said that discussions with the Governor last week indicated that the Governor wants to thoroughly consider the decision, and that he didn’t feel like he would have enough time to do so during this legislative session.


Davis said he’s still hoping the Governor will take up the federal government’s offer to split the funding for Medicaid expansion; however, the Governor’s statement today indicated a lack of confidence that the federal government could afford its portion of the funding.

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