Governor Parnell Appoints Kerttula Replacement

Today Governor Sean Parnell appointed Sam Kito III to fill the House District 32 seat, stating that his wealth of experience will benefit Alaska.


Gov. Parnell: “Both in the public and private sector, has a good working knowledge of everything from economic development, to engineering, to transportation, to commercial fishing. I mean quite a wide range of experience across the state.”


Parnell also stated that Kito’s clear vision for the future of Alaska was part of what helped him decide to appoint Kito for this important roll.


Kito spoke about serving the residents of House District 32 and what his ideas are for Alaska.


Kito: “Looking beyond the district, I’m committed to working towards a safe and healthy Alaska, All of Alaska, for all of the kids of Alaska. An Alaska that has a vibrant and healthy and sustainable economy where everyone can feel safe in their homes, safe in their work place, safe out on the street.”


He added that he looks forward to hearing from the residents of District 32 and helping to solve problems they may bring to him.


Kito is a lifelong Alaska with a bachelor’s civil engineering degree and minor in mathematics from the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Gov. Parnell also thanked all the qualified applicants who put in for the position.


Kito now must be confirmed by a majority of the House Democrats.




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