Governor Parnell Announces Appointment of Fairbanks to Board of Fish

Governor Sean Parnell announced yesterday that he’s set to appoint Reed Morisky to the Board of Fisheries.

Morisky’s appointment, which is subject to confirmation by the legislature, is effective immediately and expires June 30, 2014.

According to Governor Sean Parnell’s office, Morisky, of Fairbanks, is the owner and operator of Wilderness Fishing, a sport fishing guide service based in Fairbanks and Nenana.

He currently works as a project manager for the University of Alaska Fairbanks Division of Design and Construction. He is a past member of the Sport Fishing Guide Services Task Force, Summit Drive Service Area Commission, and the Steese Area Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors.

Morisky serves as a current member for the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau, Trout Unlimited, Alaska Outdoor Council, and the National Rifle Association.

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