Governor Has Just Over a Week to Announce New Board of Fish Member

When filling vacant Board of Fish seats, the Governor has 30 days to announce his nominee. That means the Governor has a little over a week to announce the member who will replace Vince Webster after the Bristol Bay fisherman was denied reappointment on April 8.


Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer explained…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “People can write and puts their names forward to the Governor and ask for appointment, the Board of Fish is a Board that works really hard, has a tremendous amount of paperwork, they meet several times a year, I mean it’s a very big job and obviously it’s contentious.”


There’s been nothing official yet, but fishermen are speculating Webster’s replacement will also come from Bristol Bay, to ensure that fishery is represented on the Board. Due to the timing, the Governor’s appointee will sit on the Board through the next in-cycle meetings, when Cook Inlet issues are on the agenda, before being confirmed by the State Legislature.


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “There won’t be any confirmation hearings on the appointee until next year.”

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