Governor Announces Five Local Residents Appointed to State Roles

Today, Governor Sean Parnell announced the names of 80 Alaskans appointed to various state offices, boards and commissions. Under the Alaska Constitution, the Legislature must be given those names for confirmation within the first 15 days of a regular legislative session.


Among the names were five local residents…


Craig Chapman of Soldotna was named to the Alaska State Board of Public Accountancy, Grace Merkes of Sterling was selected for the State Commission on Human Rights, Darin Bell of Seward was chosen for the State Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Board, Debra Hamilton of Soldotna was chosen for the Board of Professional Counselling, and Francis Roberts of Homer was named to the Professional Teaching Practises Commission.


Governor Parnell applauded the volunteers…


Parnell: “Board and commission service provides an opportunity for Alaskans to impact their government. I am proud of these individuals, from all regions of our state, who have answered the call to public service. These volunteers will use their experience, talents, and vision to serve Alaska and Alaskans, and I am pleased to present their appointments to the Legislature for approval.” 

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