Gov. Parnell Discusses Cruise Waste Water Proposal

A proposal from Governor Sean Parnell to change voted back regulations for cruise ship waste water discharge has gained a lot of attention statewide. Parnell defending his proposal…


Gov. Parnell: “I would not propose a bill that I though would damage our environment. I would say that the standards to which cruise ships are currently being held, and will continue to be held with their advanced waste water treatment systems are among or surpass the most stringent in the world. I would say that DEC’s ability to regulate and regulate in accordance with federal and state law, and the stipulations that they put on the mixing zones, stipulate that species not be harmed.”


Parnell was also asked about the 2008 voter initiative..


Gov. Parnell: “Voters were likely unaware that there is no technology available, and the science advisory panel concluded this as well, there’s no technology available that would meet the point of discharge standard that has be set. In the balance of protecting the environment, and assuring that our small businesses can still get the benefit of a million cruise ship passengers spending money in our economy, we are making sure that cruise ships will continue to be held to high standards, that the environment will continue to be protected, and our economy will continue to grow.”

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