God and Country Rally Welcomes First Vet From Somalia

The 22nd annual God and Country Rally is set for this year, organized in part by Dave Carey, with a guest speaker, Pastor and Veteran Ryan Krause.

Dave Carey gave us the details on KSRM’s Sound Off.



Carey: “You know we all know that we live in God’s country and truely this is, we are blessed but out whole country again, we believe in one nation under God and we trust in God, so we do our rally every year it will be at SoHi on Sunday at 6pm and we have yet again another outstanding speaker thats coming up that yet again, is living his life as a christian and as a member of the military and his name is Mr. Ryan Krause.”

Ryan Krause went on to say why this rally is important.

Krause:  “Men and women matter and do all that you can as the President to make sure that they know that you are behind them and support them and that’s straight out of my heart its important that as we serve in uniform that we have from the highest levels of our government that they are behind us.”



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