Giessel to Leave N Peninsula, Micciche Launches Campaign

With a new redistricting plan approved for the 2014 state elections, Senator Cathy Giessel’s district will be re-centered around South Anchorage. Under the 2012 interim plan, Giessel represented the northern Kenai Peninsula for the first time…


Sen. Giessel(R-S.Anchorage): “I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the northern half of the Kenai Peninsula. Of course, not just Nikiski but all the way across to Seward and all the way up to Hope. So, it’s a big piece of geography, but I have loved every minute of it. I will be serving that district wholeheartedly until the next election, which is November of ’14. It remains my district even though, of course, I will be seeking re-election through another district, but those needs this upcoming session are the top of my priority.”


The northern peninsula will now be reunited with Soldotna and Kenai in Senate District O, currently represented by Senator Peter Micciche. Micciche launched his 2014 re-election campaign today.

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