Giessel Discusses Local Impacts of Obamacare

The State Legislature’s Administrative Regulation Review Committee met in Kenai last week to discuss the impact of implementing Obamacare on the Kenai Peninsula.

Senator Cathy Giessel, sits on the committee and told us that the mandate for employers to provide insurance was recently delayed, by White House announcement, until 2015.  The requirement has great complexity, and the delay is stated to be due to the need for more time to implement the requirements.  As a result of the employer mandate, businesses are reducing their full-time employee workforce, for whom they would have to provide insurance.

Giessel also noted that Healthcare Exchanges are required to be operational by October 1, 2013.  But the federal government is behind in creating those Exchanges.  The administration has not found a way of implementing anti-fraud procedures, which would verify the income and insurance status of the applicants for federal health coverage subsidies.

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