Get moving To Beat Holiday Stress

All the activities and crowds of the Christmas season can sometimes turn holiday events from a celebration to a frustration. We spoke to Victor Spence with Anchorage Community Mental Health…


Spence: “A lot of times, it’s based on undue pressure that individuals put on themselves. They find themselves anxious about what’s going on the holiday, expectations that they may have placed on themselves. And the way that they could possibly deal with it is begin acknowledging, what is the source of stress or anxiety that’s impacting them, whether it be friends, not being with friends or family, or wishing to be with friends or family, or not being able to participate in activities they would otherwise enjoy.”


If it’s getting to be too much, Spence said it could help to get moving…


Spence: “Physical exercise, I would say, is one great tool. Usually, it increases endorphins in your body and it allows you to get a sense of well-being. And another thing they could do is actually have a plan for the holidays. Developing a plan and developing some sort of self-care techniques actually reduces the level of stress that someone might otherwise experience.”

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