GCI Emails to Change Domain Name

By the end of this year around 3,000 GCI customers will need to change their email handles that end in “alaska.com”.


GCI spokesman David Morris said GCI and Anchorage Daily News had entered into a partnership to develop alaska.com as a one stop domain for all information on Alaska.


Morris: “Over the years that really didn’t pan out and it became really just a domain that GCI used for email addresses, when McClatchy sold the Anchorage Daily News in May, that part of the partnership did not transfer and McClatchy elected to terminate that agreement.”


He added that they tried to work it out with the new owner but it didn’t pan out.


Morris: “The original deadline was going to be August 1, since then McClatchy has extended it until the end of the year.”


Customers with questions may call 1-800-800-4800 for residential and 1-800-800-7754 for business.

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