GCI And ACS Combine Wireless Data Service

With U.S. wireless giant Verizon moving into the State of Alaska, wireless companies have taken measures to ensure they are a viable competition.


The two primary wireless service providers in Alaska, Alaska Communications and GCI, have found a way to combine wireless date deployment, while remaining two separate retail entities.


GCI spokesman David Morris clarified the “data merger”.

Morris: “We’ve combined the wireless internet assets of ACS and GCI and what that allows us to do instead of having each company pay for space and power and the towers themselves and they’re only located a short distance away is you put everything on one tower. It also combines what we call “back haul” which is the fiber optic cables that make all of this wireless data stuff work”.


We also asked Morris how these changes will effect wireless service for customers of either of these companies.


Morris: “It should enhance the geographic coverage a customer should get, certainly in Alaska, and then as far as deployment as faster date speeds that should occur as well. Certain elements have already been implemented but you will see a must of robust deployment of LTE next year”.



Morris said both companies are still operating separately from a retail and billing stand point.


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