GCI + Alaska Communications = Alaska Wireless Network or AWN

Posted: July 23, 2013 at 6:39 am

GCI and Alaska Communications have finalized a joint venture to create a statewide wireless network.

The two firms today announced the launch of the Alaska Wireless Network, or AWN, which combines both companies’ cell site and other assets.

Under terms of the deal, first announced a year ago, GCI owns two-thirds of the network and Alaska Communications has a one-third stake.

GCI is also shoring up Alaska Communications by purchasing $100 million dollars worth of wireless assets, which will be operated by the new network. .

In a joint statement from both companies, they say competing in the wireless industry demands more spectrum than ether company owns on their own.

The joint venture was announced as wireless giant Verizon announced their intentions to enter the Alaska market.

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2 Comments to “GCI + Alaska Communications = Alaska Wireless Network or AWN”

  • Concerned says:

    Not sure it will fix the lousy service the Kenai Peninsula has. We need more competition to fix the lousy service because neither ACS or GCI care about the service they provide for the high prices they charge cause they currently have the monopoly. Verizon doesn’t provide service on the Kenai Peninsula yet.

  • Jeanne says:

    Monopoly but no one seems to care anymore. Sad.