Game Board Chairman Explains the Addition of Spike Moose Regulations

The Alaska Board of Game this spring met in the City of Kenai and made some moves to expand moose hunting this fall across the Kenai Peninsula. Board chair Ted Spraker of Soldotna outlined the reasoning behind adding spike moose to the local hunt…


Spraker: “In a density of a moose or two per square mile, you need to maintain about 20-bulls to the 100-cows. When you exceed that, all you’re doing is raising the bulls that are competing with cows for habitat, for brows, for space. So you don’t want to keep more bulls than you need to breed all the cows. So that was the reason, the board said we have surplus bulls, especially in 15A, we’ll add the spike part to is, and hopefully that will give hunters a few more moose to put in their freezers.”

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