Furie’s New Automated Platform to Produce by Late Fall

Furie Alaska is preparing for the installation of a “miniature” monopod platform this summer.


The new platform will be fully automated and is designed to be unmanned although the company states that there will be periodic inspections three to four times a week to check on operations. Despite being monitored from the on shore facility, the platform will be equipped with living quarters for around 24 workers.


Furie’s platform is being assembled near Corpus Christi, Texas, is scheduled to make the 50-60 day voyage sometime in July and after installation is slated to begin producing natural gas around October or November.


This mini-monopod will be a natural gas production only platform, having no drilling rig of its own. Drilling rigs will be able to cantilever over the platform in order to drill the production wells.


The new platform will be about 6 miles from shore, situated on a support 18 ft in diameter.

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  1. ed 15 May, 2014, 09:01

    Unmanned platforms?

    And you thought the oil companies have been promising more oilfield jobs.

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