Furie Stepping Closer to Fall Monopod Production

Furie Operating Alaska is another step closer to starting up their new monopod, to be located in the Kitchen Lights unit. The heavy lift vessel which will move the platform into place is expected to arrive this week.


The fully-automated platforms is still on a barge in Seattle, on its way from Corpus Christi, Texas, to the Cook Inlet.


We reported earlier this month that Furie was granted a permit to drill another well in the Kitchen Lights unit. Division of Oil and Gas Director Bill Barron told us about Furie’s operations in the area.


Barron: “The Kitchen Lights unit is an established unit is an established unit that has been around for several years, so that’s nothing new and they’ve drilled several wells in that unit in the last couple of drilling seasons during the summer.”


The new platform will be fully automated and is designed to be unmanned although the company states that there will be periodic inspections three to four times a week to check on operations. Despite being monitored from the on shore facility, the platform will be equipped with living quarters for around 24 workers.


Production is expected to begin this October or November.

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  1. Smith 26 July, 2014, 12:13

    So this is why they want us to vote no on 1. What happened to” for our jobs,family and Alaska”?Sounds like before to long the working man will no longer be needed by big oil. THE GEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. Think before you vote.

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