Furie Obtains Additional Kitchen Lights Permit

Furie Operating Alaska has obtained a permit to drill another well in the Kitchen Lights unit.


We spoke with¬†Division of Oil and Gas Director Bill Barron who told us about Furie’s previous activity in that area.


Barron: “The Kitchen Lights unit is an established unit is an established unit that has been around for several years, so that’s nothing new and they’ve drilled several wells in that unit in the last couple of drilling seasons during the summer.”


During the 2013 drilling season, Furie used its Spartan 151 jack-up drilling rig to begin drilling its unit no. 4 well in the Kitchen Lights unit. Due to the timing of this permit, it appears Furie may be planning to start drilling unit no. 5 during this season.


As we previously reported, Furie’s new fully automated platform is currently on its voyage to Alaska from Corpus Christi, Texas and after installation is slated to begin producing natural gas around October or November.

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