Friendship Mission Sees Low Occupancy

The Kenai Friendship Mission has seen a surprising drop in the numbers of men staying with them this year. In the past, the Mission’s 8-beds have been in high demand. To make more room, President Skipper Cowgill said the Mission had some construction this year, but at present only three of the center’s 12 beds are occupied…


Skipper: “We’ve had people call about coming and they decide not to come or whatever, I don’t know. Seems like they’d rather sleep out in the cold than go by our rules here.”


The rules are: no drugs, no alcohol, no violence and residents are required to attend twice-weekly church services. Skipper said it’s been the same way for years.


The mission recently had a new DEC-approved kitchen completed, and provide meals, accommodation, clothing, and transportation to the Job Center as long as men need it.


Skipper: “They’re doing the right thing by getting their lives straightened out and getting on the right path. We have one that’s working right now, saving his money. We’ve got another one that’s been working part-time. There’s no time limit that they can stay here, as long as they do what’s expected out of them and go by the rules, till they get enough money saved up to get a place of their own.”

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