Friday Noon Flood Update

Meteorologist Mike Ottenweller with the National Weather Service says flooding along the Kenai River is expected to peak today…


Ottenweller: “With the rain for the past couple weeks, the water levels on the Kenai have been rising steadily and a few of the spots were still rising as of yesterday afternoon. And through the overnight hours, the Kenai at Kenai Keys was near 11.1, that was yesterday morning’s value, and was still on the rise, and the Kenai below Skilak Lake was 11., or excuse me, 13.2 and still on the rise. The Kenai River at Cooper Landing, however, was cresting yesterday afternoon at 12.5 and is now on its way back down.”


Water begins to inundate primrose campground in Cooper Landing around 12.4 ft. Bankfull stage is 12 ft and water is forecast to be at or above this level through Saturday.


In the Kenai Keys, flood stage is officially 11.0 ft. If the river reaches 12 ft water will begin to flow over roads in the subdivision.


Below Skilak Lake the Kenai may rise to near 13.8 ft. Flood stage is 13.0 ft.


The Kenai River at Soldotna is not expected to reach bankful stage.


The NWS says river crests will be broad and sustained. Low lying areas close to the river will experience minor flooding.


Rain will cause considerable ponding of water in low lying areas, near culverts, and along small creeks and drainages. They ask residents to stay out of all flood waters and secure any outside items.

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