Friday Afternoon Flood Update

Meteorologist Mike Ottenweller with the National Weather Service says flooding is continuing in low-lying areas, with a flood advisory in effect for several points along the Kenai River…



Ottenweller: “Right now, it’s still on until 4 tomorrow. We’ll be looking at it today to see if we need to extend a little bit, but it does appear that Cooper Landing has crested as of yesterday and is on its way down and the Kenai Keys and Skilak Lake are both near cresting and most likely will today before starting to turn over a little bit and start to recede tomorrow.”


Ottenweller said dry conditions are forecast for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, with a chance of rain on Tuesday.


The NWS says river crests will be broad and sustained. Low lying areas close to the river will experience minor flooding.


Rain will cause considerable ponding of water in low lying areas, near culverts, and along small creeks and drainages. They ask residents to stay out of all flood waters and secure any outside items.

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