Fresh Faces for Soldotna City Council

The Soldotna City Council is transforming, with four of the seven members soon to be replaced.


Two new council members were elected at the October 1 municipal election, Keith Baxter and Meggean Bos, as the final results were announced and certified at last night’s meeting.


Councilor Dale Bagley was also elected to a Borough position in the last election, leaving his City Council seat open, and Councilor John Czarneski resigned after moving to a position in the City’s Planning and Zoning department. The two empty seats will likely be filled by appointment.


That leaves just three current Councilors in their seats: Mayor Nels Anderson, Pete Sprague, and Regina Daniels who won re-election this month.


As one of the new members, we asked Meggean Bos how she thinks the turnover will affect the city…


Bos: “It’s hard to predict what is going to happen. I think yes, there is going to be a lot of changes  because there will be four new people on the City Council. We will have another planner, we will have someone new on Planning and Zoning, so there’s lots of shifts and lots of changes that are going on, and I think it will definitely be interesting to see what happens. Personally, I’m excited to be part of this change, and I’m honored for everyone who voted for me.”


Bos said her first priority in office will be finishing the development of the new Soldotna Teen Center.

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