Frankenfish Debate Closes to Public Comment Tonight

The Frankenfish debate is continuing in Washington D.C. as public comment on the FDA’s plans to approve genetically modified salmon closes today. We’ve heard from Alaska’s congressional delegation that GE salmon is a terrible idea, and could cause irreparable harm to the environment. But on the other side of the debate, Aqua Bounty, the creator of the modified salmon, says it’s not that bad.


Aqua Bounty President, Ronald Stotish …


Stotish: “It’s been portrayed in the media as a bizarre concoction that is somehow unnatural. But the fact of the matter is that it reflects a change of less than one ten thousandth of one percent of the entire genetic material of the fish. That is less change than one normally sees, for instance, in normal sexual mating.


If approved, the fish will be grown out primarily in Panama.

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