Four Anchorage Dipnetters Fined for Fishing 10min Past Time

Four Anchorage dipnetters got a lesson in punctuality last Friday, with $160 citations handed out for fishing past the nightly closure.


At 11:10pm, 51-year-old Jung Sook, 34-year-old Scott Stanley, 60-year-old Gary Kutil, and 32-year-old Eren Strah were all found still fishing on Kenai’s South Beach.


The same day a commercial fisherman, 51-year-old Charles Smith of Kasilof, was allegedly fishing five minutes before the fishery opened in the Kasilof River Special Harvest Area. Smith was also found to have three fishermen on board, but only two personal flotation devices. He was also fined $160.

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  1. Janet 22 July, 2014, 13:02

    Wouldn’t be great if the Troopers were that dilligent in enforcement of the set netters!

  2. Snowangel 22 July, 2014, 13:57

    Still a long way to go to recoup $175,000 in extra enforcement! I’d sure like to see the final cost benefit analysis.

  3. Joe 22 July, 2014, 14:12

    Snowangel…….you are not very smart. Law Enforcement is NEVER done on the basis of cost benefit. Although, I don’t think the Troopers would have any problem around here meeting a cost benefit analysis. What is the cost benefit of increased enforcement that ultimately resulted in more of the set netters claiming the Kings that they now don’t claim?

  4. Amy 22 July, 2014, 14:33

    Just goes to show no matter how hard you try someone is ALWAYS going to complain.

  5. Tony 22 July, 2014, 14:41

    I’m curious as to the big push recently for enforcement on set netters. What exactly do you feel like they are doing illegally?

  6. northernshrike 22 July, 2014, 15:55

    Without the extra enforcement the Anchorage mob would get a lot more out of control on there law breaking.

  7. angie jane 22 July, 2014, 17:29

    hmm-m-m– I could see if it was 30 minutes…..welcome to ameriKa
    Maybe not everyone can afford waterproof watches.

  8. icyalaskan 22 July, 2014, 18:12

    Close to 40,000 dip net permits, plus family, 4 citations is really not many.

  9. Jake 22 July, 2014, 18:23

    The setnetters aren’t doing anything wrong . Most of them aren’t even fishing .
    And even if they were fishing and they caught 1,000 king salmon it would still be legal . Once again more
    Nonsense spouted by misinformed people .

  10. John 22 July, 2014, 19:01

    Joe I hate to break it to you buddy but your wrong. Law enforcement is all about cost/benefit. It costs the tax payers more every time they put another tax collector through the academy and out on the street in a uniform. Then the local corporate government benefit from all the revenue they generate. Pass new laws with fines attached cha ching cha ching, put someone in the privately ran jail system that then bills the government who pays with tax dollars, cha ching cha ching, even more money but they have to keep enough cops on the street to collect it. It’s the mother of all organized crime snydicates.

  11. Janet 23 July, 2014, 07:47

    John…….what a laugh. You are totally wrong and I am sure you are one of those right wingnuts who oppose all government intervention and law enforcement. I hope they double the $175,000 next year. This illegal activity needs to be cleaned up.

  12. Kris 23 July, 2014, 13:38

    Sorta off topic but maybe there are enough people reading this I can get an answer. As far as fines go I think fining parents that let their kids drive ATV’s is a good idea. I’ve searched but can’t find the rules about kids and atv’s on the beach. But if I have to be sober to drive one, why is it ok for 5 year olds. Does anyone have a link to the rules?

  13. mike 25 July, 2014, 21:40

    State statutes, and regulations are available online. Look on the state’s websites.

    Or. ….Call a trooper office and ask.

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